Running In InDIA

Running events in India are enormous fun. Macho competitiveness seems largely absent and one sees and gets involved in a side of India that isn’t manicured for tourists. It can be bizarre: a Bollywood band playing by the side of the course where everyone just stops for a dance unfussed about PBs or ‘podiuming’; chatting to a border security police officer who’s running along side one through the salt desert in Gujarat; trying to avoid a farcical fall on banana skins that have been strewn across the road yards after an eco-friendly food station. I’ve run races in Mumbai, several times in Raipur, in Kutch in Gujarat and several fun runs in Kawardha: they’ve all been a blast.

Running For FRANK

This year I’m taking part in two Indian running events. Both to raise money for FRANK Water. A UK registered charity that works with partners in India to provide water and sanitation solutions. I’ve visited many of their projects and am endlessly impressed by the life saving and life changing work they do. If anyone would like to join me for either run (various distance options) or other future runs, do send me a message.

Go Heritage Run In Mandu 8th September

The first Indian run I’m doing this season will be in the beautiful ruined medieval city of Mandu in Madhya Pradesh. There are 2km, 4km, 10km and 21km routes. I’ll be running the 21km. If anyone would like to join me this will be an unusual way to see India. It’s fairly low cost since I’ll be encouraging guests to raise some money for FRANK, and the treat at the end will be two nights in stunning Ahilya Fort which is offering really generous low season rates. The trip would start with two night in Mumbai at Abode Boutique Hotel, from where you would then fly or take the train to Indore where I would meet you. We’d travel together to Mandu (two to three hours by car) where we’d stay in the simple Madhya Pradesh Tourism Resort for two nights with the run in the middle. We’d visit FRANK Water sites at Dhar and then travel together to Ahilya Fort to lounge by the pool or drift down the holy Narmada River with large, well earned gins in hand.

Dholavira 9th and 10th November

This run through the salt desert and around the ruins of the ancient Harappan city of Dholavira on a full moon night promises to be challenging and beautiful. I’m running my first Ultra, 51 km; but there also are 10km, 25km, 101km and 165km options. We’d spend a night or two in Bhuj at The Bhuj House and the surrounding area before travelling to Dholavira for two nights and would end the trip with two nights in Devpur at Krutarth Singh Jadega’s lovely home.